Hello world!

Chilling out like Garfield.
Chilling out like Garfield.

Hi there, cyber-stalker/ fellow blogger/ friendly reader. Welcome to my blog.

Shamika Lal here.

I’m a 19-year-old girl who is tall, curly-haired, and downright socially awkward. However, I’m also a hardcore foodie who admits to day-dreaming about food. A LOT.

The name “TheAwkwardFoodie” came up simply because I found the terms “awkwardgirl” , “awkwardteen” etc way too mainstream. Also, “TheAwkwardFoodie” has a nice ring to it. And the title couldn’t be a more apt username for me.

Now I’ll give you a little back story, as to how this blog even came to existence in the first place.

It all started with Zomato.

I’d always wanted to find out ways to increase my “Foodie level” on this app, just for the heck of it. So, I started writing reviews and posting good photos of food, which eventually branched out into critical reviewing and food photography. My reviews began getting positive responses from the management and the restaurant owners themselves. And it eventually led to free coupons for certain occasions.

I told my friends and family about this and they encouraged me to write more. Many suggested that I start a food blog. However, merely writing about food and restaurants bored me after a while. I realized that my interests were not restricted. Rather, they ranged over various topics like business, entertainment, politics etc. As a young adult, I do have opinions on a number of these topics which need to be voiced & I needed an effective outlet for them.  That’s when blogging came to my mind. I decided that I’d make a lifestyle blog with some predominant leaning towards food. So, after several months of indecisiveness, deliberate procrastination, mood swings and writer’s blocks, the blog became what it is today.

In a world where people don’t take out the time to introspect what’s been going on in their minds & lives and be in sync with their emotions, blogging proved to be therapeutic.  People today, have little to no patience. They simply hear what you have to say but don’t listen. Through blogging, I got the inspiration to type whatever had been on my mind for so long. I could clearly filter out my thoughts and process my feelings & emotions. Blogging allowed me to have definite opinions after several changes time and again.

It’s only through blogging and writing that I now understand the depth of this quote:

Paper is more patient than man.

– Anne Frank

Now, what should one expect from my blog?

In my blog, I will not only cover topics involving food but shall also give my take on the latest books, music, movies, trends, fashions, current affairs, politics, business etc. I’ll also be recalling some wonderful experiences and memories made in my life so far, with a satirical and humorous take on them. Like my catchphrase implies, it ain’t just about food here.

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