Hang On There!


Hi there!

How are y’all? I hope that everyone’s doing good.

So, I haven’t been active at all on WordPress lately and it is totally understandable if your patience is wearing thin. What with exams going on and me pulling all-nighters, I think it’s safe to say that life has been rather hectic lately.

However, I ask you to hang on for a few.

I have been working on content for the future posts of this blog, and I can assure you that this dry spell will end. Soon.

Now this is also to inform you that I’ll be posting restaurant reviews on this blog, henceforth. It will feature my photography and at times, others’ as well.

Apart from the reviews, there are other posts which I have been working on. WordPress has quite a collection of my rough drafts lately.

All I need is a little bit of time and your patience.

Thanks for reading this.