The Story of My Unlucky Number


Fear, anxiety, sadness and a stream of negative emotions flow through me on hearing it.

You know how they say that 13 is supposedly an unlucky number? That couldn’t be more true for me.

Unlike Taylor Swift, the number 13 has never, ever, ever worked in my favour.

The worst year of my life so far, has been 8th grade when I turned 13. My school tests went terribly bad whenever they were scheduled on the 13th of each month. In college, my least favourite subjects’ lectures were always held on the 13th of each month. As for Friday the 13th? Well, let’s not even discuss that.

Coincidence? I think not.

So when my good friend gave me a challenge to write a story in 13 words, you could probably imagine my reaction.

But what could I do? I love writing. I always have. I couldn’t give a lame excuse for this challenge. For example:

“Hey, can I chicken out of this one? It’s got my unlucky number in it.”

It sounds all the more stupid when said in person, doesn’t it?

So I decided to give this challenge a shot. Despite the unlucky number, it involved something which I loved. So, the odds simply had to be in my favour.


Surprisingly, I stumbled  to come up with a story which satisfied me. Grammatical errors, lack of ideas, no originality, too many words and small trances of writer’s block were some challenges I faced.

But I persevered.

After numerous attempts, I finally came up with a story of 13 words which worked in my favour.

Here’s my story.

Take that, 13!

You worked for me. Eventually.

The nominees for this challenge are the people who read this post. You’re free to write on any topic of your choice, keeping in mind the word limit.

So give it a shot and set your imagination free!
Hopefully you guys liked it.

Thanks for giving this a read. Have a good day.

(P.S. if you’re a new reader, then check out my blog. It doesn’t hurt! You may like it and if you do, then give it a follow.)

Copyright © 2015 by Shamika Lal, all rights reserved.

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