15 Words of Hope

It has been a little over a week since the bombings took place in Beirut and Paris, sending shock waves across the world. Such attacks seem to cause nothing but endless grief and terrible memories for the survivors and the kin of the deceased.

People often say that the survivors are the lucky ones to have made it out of there with just mere injuries. They still have years ahead of them unlike the other poor souls whose lives and futures were cruelly snatched away.

I heartily disagree.

Sure, they have their lives to live. But at a huge expense.

Imagine being caught up in the chaos and utter hell. Seeing a loved one or even a fellow citizen lose their life right before your very eyes, when you can do nothing but watch. It’s during times like these that you realize that you’re rendered helpless. No matter how much you try and make yourself believe or even hope against hope that it isn’t happening, it’s of no use. In short, it’s your worst nightmare.

The only difference is that you’re living it.

Apart from being scarred with such memories, anxiety and trust issues begin to set in. People fear for their safety wherever they go. Citizens cast mistrustful eyes on each other.

And that is exactly what perpetrators aim for: breaking trust and faith.

By living with fear and no good faith, we might as well wave a peace flag in their face.

It is during times like these that we must remind ourselves that there is hope. We must remind ourselves that although such incidents cause grief, they bring people together. They unite people of various religions, castes, creeds, races and colors. They serve to remind us that humanity is universal.

It is solely upto us to put up a united front against terrorism.

And let’s face it, terrorism has no religion.

Now, my friend Ananta has challenged me one last time to write these word restricted short stories. I had earlier decided to go with a festive theme, but in light of recent events I felt this would be more apt.

Here’s my story:


The rules remain the same. 15 words only. No more, no less. The topic is of your choice.

The nominees are the readers of this post.

Anyone who reads this post and has lost a loved one in the recent attacks in Paris and Beirut, my deepest condolences. Words cannot express a fraction of the pain y’all must be going through.

In the meantime, take care and be safe.

Sending all the love.

Copyright © 2015 by Shamika Lal,  all rights reserved.