The Voice of My 25 Word Story

Lately, my friend Ananta has embarked on a spree of word restricted story challenges and has consistently nominated me for these challenges as well.

Yes, she’s the one who nominated me for the 11 word and 13 word story challenges.

The 25 word story challenge happened to be just another one of those challenges. Like every other challenge, I decided to take it in my stride and rise to the occasion.

But something struck me.

There I was, busy writing word restricted stories on tragic love & romance, when I should’ve been writing on topics which mattered. All this time I could’ve been using my talent and skills, to bring light to topics which deserved attention. An impact could’ve been created by me. I don’t know how big or small but an impact nevertheless.

So I decided to tweak the rules of this challenge.

The nominees are supposed to write a comprehensive, impactful story of 25 words. No more, no less. While deciding your topic, think of an issue or matter which is relevant in the world today. Something which matters and needs to be highlighted.

In my case, I chose gender bias & gender inequality.

Although India has definitely given women the opportunity to thrive and flourish, this problem still persists in various states of this nation till today. From wage pay gaps to education, there isn’t any  presence of equality of the sexes. Being an Indian girl, I had to speak up about this existent injustice. And I’ve tried to do so via writing.

Here’s my story, with a voice.


The nominees of this challenge are the readers of this post. Stick to 25 words, choose a relevant issue, and let your imagination run wild.

But most importantly, don’t hold back.

Have a good day. Hope you liked this post.



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